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Clemens Coaching, LLC helps clients maximize their sales effectiveness by addressing gaps in the selling process, leveraging best practices in strategic growth planning, and equipping teams with the skills required to successfully communicate throughout the contract negotiation process and beyond. 

The Coach

Over 35 years of experience developing successful, strategic growth plans to achieve and exceed goals across a range of industries.

The Gap

While technology can allow people to process huge amounts of information, there is a great risk of having communication lost in the shuffle.

The Process

Clemens Coaching, LLC  offers clients the ability to maximize sales effectiveness in Enterprise Technology deals.

The Clemens Coaching Difference

At Clemens Coaching, LLC, Bob not only coaches clients on sales and resource planning, but also works to strengthen interpersonal sales skills that can lead to more successful outcomes. Effective in-person communication skills are a keystone of leading sales teams, and unfortunately, these skills can falter in the world of advancing technology where face-to-face meetings are replaced by computer screens.  It’s not enough to leverage technology in the selling process. You need to show up for your clients, positioning your company to build sustainable customer relationships. 

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